GREY ROCK written and directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi


In 2018, the Remote Theater Project commissioned a new play by Amir Nizar Zuabi, one of the leading theater directors and playwrights in the Middle East.  Together we reached out to Palestinian actors throughout the West Bank and Israel to create an acting ensemble for the project. 


Set in 1969, a young man in a small West Bank village watches the Americans land on the moon. Instantly, the romantic, mysterious moon is transformed into rock and the Americans are planting their flag. He wonders, shouldn’t Palestine, land of prophets, also have representation on the moon?This humorous, fantastical play explores the ways US culture has permeated and influenced Palestinian culture. Grey Rock reflects a different perspective of US culture as seen from the outside.  

Actors were invited into the project after auditions in four cities: Jenin, Ramallah, Haifa and Bethlehem. A select group participated in a series of developmental workshops throughout 2018. The final cast of 5: Khalifa Natour, Ivan Azazian, Fidaa Zidan, Alaa Shehada and Motaz Malhees came in New York and performed at LaMaMa Theatre Jan, 2019.


All performances are in English, and include post-production discussions in English and Arabic.


Actress Fidaa Zidan (from Grey Rock) teams up with John Rwothomach (UK/Uganada) to create a new play, written in quarantine, about the complicated relationships between prisoners, and those that imprison them in their respective cultures. 


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