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GREY ROCK written and directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi

Set in 1969, a young man in a small West Bank village watches the Americans land on the moon. Instantly, the romantic, mysterious moon is transformed into rock and the Americans are planting their flag. He wonders, shouldn’t Palestine, land of prophets, also have representation on the moon? He decides to build a space shuttle with the help of his neighbors using the minaret of the village mosque as the launching pad. This humorous, fantastical play explores the ways US culture has permeated and influenced Palestinian culture


Zuabi,  working with Palestinian actors from the West Bank, as well as within the 1948 borders, is creating an original play in English. Actors were invited into the project after auditions in 4 cities: Jenin, Ramallah, Haifa and Bethlehem. A select group have participated in a series of developmental workshops throughout 2018. 


All performances will be in English, and will include post-production discussions in English and Arabic, with Palestinians all over the world via live streams. Educational programs will also be developed and offered to high school students in New York City.



Friday Jan 4

On the challenges of producing international work in NYC today, with:

• Kate Loewald (Founding Director, The Play Co)  

• Linda Chapman (Associate Artistic Director, New York Theatre Workshop)

• Maha Chehlaoui (Founder Pass the Mic; co-Founder and former Executive Director of Noor Theatre)

• Najla Said (Actress & Author "Zabur" -Mahmoud Fairouz's Oratorio)  

Moderated by David J. Diamond (Co-Director, LaMaMa International Symposium for Directors)


Saturday Jan 5th

A one on one conversation between Philip Himberg (Artistic Director, the Sundance Institute Theatre Program) & playwright Amir Nizar Zuabi


Sunday Jan 6th (matinee)

On the challenges of moving productions between the U.S. and the Middle East, with:

• Roberta Levitow (Co-founder & Director, Theatre without Borders; Senior Program Associate, Sundance Institute Theatre Program: East Africa & Middle East North Africa)

• Jumana al-Yasiri (Middle East & North Africa Manager, Sundance Institute Theatre Program)

• Catherine Coray (Associate Arts Professor, NYU Tisch School of the Arts/Director; The Lark Middle East-US Playwright Exchange)

• Hadi Tabbal (Actor, "The Brave"/ Artistic Associate, Sundance Institute Theatre Program)

  • Matthew Covey (Partner, CoveyLaw; Founding Director, Tamizdat)