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Human-to-Human, Culture-to-Culture Dialogues


Remote Theater Project (RTP) develops the work of artists whose voices are not often heard in the U.S. including international artists as well a U.S.- based artists from other countries.  We aspire for people feel "seen and heard" and  "to see and hear" more deeply. 


  • We believe that art, especially story-telling, is a powerful form of communication and interaction that can change the way we think, see and experience the world with others. 

  • We believe that people learn about and understand other cultures through human scale stories that shed light on larger historical, socio-political dramas.  

  • We believe in challenging artists and audiences to engage in difficult questions about their perceptions of other groups and cultures, thus expanding our appreciation of the differences while embracing a common humanity.

  • We believe that work bravely exploring relationships between diverse cultures can broaden understanding and empathy, even between groups in political conflict. 

  • We value the thoughts, ideas and input of everyone involved in the act of creating a production, behind the scenes, on-stage and in the audience.

Who We Are

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