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From Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center, Community Partner:

“Over the summer, we had the opportunity to be part of a two-day long celebration to raise public awareness about the world's displaced children seeking asylum and remaining invisible to most people. The events, organized by Remote Theater Project, were artistically planned and implemented in a culturally sensitive manner. The outcome was fantastic! We had many immigrant families with young children participating in the events. The most important part of the event, to me, as a co-sponsor, was the storytelling and singing by the young New Mainers. Remote Theater Project created a community in Portland, Maine, where for a few days we all felt belonged and valued.”

Reza Jalali, Executive Director, Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center


From Mayo Street Arts, Community Partner:

"Mayo Street Arts was delighted to partner with Remote Theater Project on A Message From Far Away this summer. The event not only allowed Maine-based organizations such as ours to participate in an exciting international event, it also provided us with a chance to collaborate with so many incredible immigrant rights and arts nonprofits right here in our own community. What's more, A Message From Far Away served as a major theme for our work with summer camp students, who crafted large papier mâché birds that carried the children's messages of condolence and hope for Little Amal. Many of these students are children of immigrants or have immigrated to Maine themselves. Facilitating an opportunity to reflect on those experiences while empathizing with Little Amal's journey was a tender, heart-warming experience."

Ian Bannon, Executive Director, Mayo Street Arts


From Creative Portland, Community Partner:
“Alexandra Aron first approached me about her idea of creating a public art event to interact with THE WALK last year. She explained that she was organizing a live, virtual interaction with Little Amal, the giant puppet walking from Turkey to England. She was passionate about the teenage New Mainers she has been meeting on Zoom, preparing a theatrical “act of welcome”.

(…) Alex’s tenacity and enthusiasm for the project was contagious and she formed relationships with over a dozen local groups. Remote Theater Project’s “A Message From Far Away” was a significant event in our city.  It brought together New Mainers, residents, puppeteers, artists, educators and others.  It connected us to an exciting international production. Our city, was celebrated for its embrace of refugees and asylum seekers from around the world.  For the participants it was an important opportunity to be heard and applauded.”  

Dinah Minot, Executive Director, Creative Portland


From Pihcintu Girls Choir, Community Partner:

“Thanks for the great opportunity for the girls of Pihcintu to collaborate with your Remote Theater’s, A Message From Far Away, project. As you are well aware, the girls of Pihcintu all share Amal’s story and so were deeply committed to doing all that they could to make your event as powerful as possible. The opportunity for them to speak their truth is healing and self-affirming particularly to our most recent arrivals from The Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Burkina Faso. As a result of their participation many have followed Amal’s journey on Facebook and shared her story with classmates and teachers.   

I am grateful for your vision and tireless efforts to make it come to fruition and look forward to our next adventure!”

Con Fullam, Founder/Director, Pihcintu Girls Choir


From Liany Media, Community Partner: 

As an immigrant, working with the Remote Theater Project this summer was an amazing partnership not because of making the money but the spirit behind the project (sharing and celebrating Amal's journey). As I (an Immigrant from Africa) who lost(died) my parents and my businesses because of political crisis in my country, I understand what RTP did it was tough and amazing. It  means to me that this earth has people who care about others who struggle without discrimination of color. Keep doing these kind of project, for us immigrants, we really need people who understand our struggle and design an integration according to the situation we went through.  

Immigrants have stories (success, sacrifice, struggle, ......) these stories need to be told and known.



EXTENDED OUTREACH:  MFA Theater Management and Producing students at Columbia University

“We were incredibly lucky to have Alex join our class at Columbia University this year to discuss THE WALK, which, in addition to the beauty and import of the project itself, served as a groundbreaking, inspiring new model for international collaboration.

Alex had a singular perspective to share as the creative producer of Remote Theater Project and as the director of the sole related activity in the US.  She imparted a deep sense of human connection so essential to our work in the theater.

Alex had a profound impact. Throughout the semester, many of my students’ conversations, written assignments, and dreams for the future referred literally to stories shared and values imparted by Alex. My students are NY theaters managers and producers of the future, and I am grateful for the illumination Alex provided – I’m certain that their work in NY will be shaped by all she shared. I look forward to all the light her work in the theater will continue to shed.”

Ellen Dennis, Independent Producer, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University School of the Arts

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