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sara roosevelt park project

Theater for the community,by the community,in the community

How It Began...

In September 2022, Remote Theater Project produced "Embrace the Tangle" as part of Little Amal Walks NYC, a project involving over 1,000 community members in the Lower East Side/Chinatown. The event was a celebration of diverse communities coming together to welcome newcomers, like Little Amal, a Syrian refugee. How can we continue build on this experience to connect diverse groups of people who share the same public space? From this question, The Sara Roosevelt Park project was born.

Hear about the project from RTP founder Alex Aron:

Phase 1: “Getting to know each other”

Spring 2023

RTP held workshops with 3 different community groups around SDR Park. 

  • Chinese Seniors (@ BRC & Open Door Senior Center)

  • Unhoused Community (with CITY RELIEF)

  • New Migrant/Asylum-seekers (with NAICA)

Hear more about phase 1 in this video produced by a student from Avenues the World School. 

Phase 2: Integrated Workshops

Fall 2023

Phase 3: Writing

Winter 2023/24

Phase 4: Production!

Spring 2024

PHASE 1 Photos

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