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What do you say to a 9 year old refugee who is walking unaccompanied from Turkey to the U.K?

THE WALK is a four-month Public Art spectacle following the journey of Little Amal, a 9-year old Syrian refugee represented by a 10-foot puppet. Produced by Good Chance Theater, Little Amal will walk from Turkey to the U.K. starting in July and ending November, 2021. She will be welcomed by communities across Europe offering her performances and inspiration.

Remote Theater Project (RTP) is proud to be the sole U.S. cultural organization to have an interaction with THE WALK.

RTP is working with a group of teenage refugees from the Middle East and Africa, who reside in the Portland area, to create original stories, monologues, and songs to share with Amal. Performers are collaborating with Pihcintu Choir (a refugee girls’ choir) and two of The Walk’s commissioned artists from Syria, playwright Mudar Alhaggi (in Berlin) and Kinan Azmeh, clarinetist and composer (in NYC). 

The live performance for the Portland community will take place on August 5th at Ocean’s Gateway. This includes a pre-show parade organized with Mayo Street Arts, local immigrant and refugee groups, and other arts organizations, culminating in an interactive performance via live-feed with Little Amal in Urla, Turkey. The project not only celebrates refugees but also Portland itself, a city that has been heroically embracing refugees from around the world, offering them sanctuary and services. RTP is working with community partner Creative Portland to produce this event.  The performance will be documented and widely shared with all of The Walk’s partners, in social media, throughout The Walk and beyond.


We are seeking corporate sponsors at all levels.

Your company's tax-deductible donation will entitle you to:

 $500 Fuel

  •  acknowledgement on our website and at the event on Aug. 5

1000 Ignition

  • acknowledgement on our website at the event and at the event on Aug. 5

  • your logo on our publicity 

$5000 Blast Off

  •  acknowledgement on our website, mention at the event on Aug. 5

  • your logo on our printed and digital publicity

  • your logo included in video replays of the event aired throughout  The Walk (4 months) including on the Piccadilly Lights, London.

Please contact Alex Aron, to learn more. 

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