The Remote Theater Project brings theater artists who are isolated, either geographically or politically to New York City for extended residencies. For the inaugural project, the focus is Palestine; designed as a cultural exchange aimed at broadening the experience of a select group of Palestinian actors and expanding the reach of their voices.

Six actors and one director will live and work collaboratively in New York City for two months and with two American actors, to create an original work of theater in English, designed to address New York audiences. The result will be a “devised” theater piece created by mining the lives and experiences of its participants and shaping them into compelling narratives. The project will explore the ways that US culture has permeated and influenced Palestinian culture.

Additionally the projects’ participants will sample a diverse range of visual art, theater, music and dance in New York. These experiences as well as the experience of being New Yorkers for two months will necessarily shape the work.

This is a process which removes artists from restrictive environments, giving them a distance from their daily lives. Unlike many projects that have focused on Palestinian/Israeli issues, the theme of this project is US/Palestinian perceptions of each other.  It’s seeks a direct dialogue; a meaningful cultural exchange for the actors and the American audiences.

The project will be presented in a co-production with GOH Productions and La Mama Theater, Oct. 15-31, 2018. The Remote Theater Project is developed and produced by Alexandra Aron, a theater director and educator. Ms. Aron has taught collaborative play-building in NYC, Latin America and Israel, and has worked with the Palestinian theater community in Ramallah. It will be directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi, one of Palestine’s great theaterartists currently residing in Jaffa.